Connecticut Health Care Cabinet has preliminary recommendations for reducing pharmacy costs.

NEBDAC's State Lead for CT, Meredith Adler, recently participated in a conference call with other advocates about the new CT Healthcare Cabinet recommendations on pharmaceutical costs. 

Public Act Number 15-146, Section 17, enacted June 30, 2015, instructed the Connecticut Health Care Cabinet (the Cabinet) to make recommendations on health care cost containment strategies for Connecticut. In its initial report, released in January 2017, the Cabinet provided detailed health care cost containment strategies, covering a variety of topics. However, the Cabinet did not release final recommendations related to containing pharmacy costs at that time, instead the report included draft concepts to be explored over the course of 2017. Over the last year the Cabinet has engaged a variety of stakeholders including industry experts, government leaders, researchers, consumers, providers, health plans and advocates, to help the identify a set of detailed recommendations.

This is the direct link:

If you go to Cabinet website ( and scroll to the bottom of the page there is a link to the recommendations.  Written comments are due by January 15th and on January 16th there will be in-person commentary.