Rhode Islanders and Friends! Oppose S2532!

NEBDAC recently sent out action alert about SB 2532. As a New Englander, this is something you should NOT ignore. For Rhode Islanders, this is call to action!

Tomorrow, March 27th at 12PM, at the Rhode Island Legislature, the Rhode Island Senate Human and Health Services (HHS) Committee will review S2532. If passed into law, this legislation could prevent the value of copay assistance from being applied towards Rhode Islanders’ accumulated out-of-pocket expenses.

The bill can be read and followed here.

Senate Bill 2532 disallows copayment assistance from counting toward a patient’s out of pocket maximum. So if you use a co-payment card, this means your full deductible could come due very soon, and every year after. This can result in Rhode Island patients and families having significant out of pocket costs midway through the plan year, and every year from now on. These unexpected financial costs can lead to a decrease in medication adherence, increased prescription abandonment rates, and ultimately poorer health outcomes.

Not to mention, this bill won’t just hurt the bleeding disorder community, it will hurt thousands of chronic disease community members in Rhode Island.

Check and see if one of your Rhode Island representatives are on the Senate Human and Health Services (HHS) Committee. If you don’t know who your representatives are, you can find out HERE.

Please contact your elected officials today. It will make a difference. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Phone calls and emails to legislators are effective. Please call and share how this bill would hurt your family by Tuesday, March 27, 12 PM. These talking points have been created to help you tell your story to members of the committee.

Senate Human & Health Services Committee Members

Chairman Joshua Miller
District: Cranston & Providence

Senator Jeanine Calkin
District: Warwick

Senator Gayle Goldin
District: Providence

Senator Adam Satchell
District: West Warwick

Senator Thomas Paolino
District: Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield

Senator James Sheehan
District: Narragansett & North Kingstown

Senator V. Susan Sosnowski
District: New Shoreham & South Kingstown

Senator Louis Raptakis
District: Coventry, East Greenwich, West Greenwich