NEBDAC New Hampshire State Lead Meets with DHHS Commissioner

NEBDAC's New Hampshire State Lead, Destinee DiPrima, met with the New Hampshire DHHS Commissioner, Jeffrey A. Meyers, recently to discuss bleeding disorders. The DHHS Commissioner is responsible for the overall management of DHHS, which includes the Medicaid Program. 

The purpose of today’s visits were to tour two of NH’s centers that provide services to NH families.  Along with the NH Council for Youth with Chronic Conditions, I joined Senator Jeff Woodburn, Representative Joelle Martin and NH department of health and human services Commissioner Jeff Myers, as well as other council members to tour  Families First in Portsmouth and The Richie McFarland Children’s Center in Stratham.  
I had an opportunity to speak with the director of Families first Georgie Clark and share my story briefly before the official tour began. She was interested to learn more about what my journey has been and the challenges our family faced.  
I also had a chance to share a bit about our families experience raising a child with both Hemophilia and an autism spectrum disorder. The commissioner and I spoke a bit too and it was a great first step I felt in sharing our story with him. He was there to see overall what the CYCC and centers do for NH families. It was a great step in collaborating with CYCC and I was proud to know how blessed our NEHA community really is. 
-New Hampshire State Lead, Destinee DiPrima