Urge Your Senator to Support H.4825


We need your help! If you live in Massachusetts and use co-pay assistance, your out-of-pocket costs for your factor or other covered pharmaceuticals may increase dramatically, starting on January 1st. Unless the Massachusetts State Senate acts before the end of 2018, some pharmaceutical companies will no longer offer co-pay assistance program to Massachusetts residents.

Co-pay assistance programs, generally offered by pharmaceutical companies, are designed to help people with private insurance cover the costs charged by the insurance company when a person picks up his/her prescription at the pharmacy. These programs directly lower the out-of-pocket costs of medications.

However, the state law that allows pharmaceutical companies to offer co-pay assistance to Massachusetts residents “sunsets” or ends in July of 2019. This means that starting in July of 2019, people in Massachusetts will not have access to co-pay assistance and will be required to pay their full co-payments for all of their pharmaceuticals. However, we have recently heard that some pharmaceutical companies will not offer co-pay assistance starting in January 2019 unless the Senate acts now to pass H.4825.

In order to protect co-pay assistance, we need your help to urge the Senate to pass H.4825 before the end of 2018.

 What can you do to help?

Massachusetts Residents Need To:

(1) Call MA Senate President Karen Spilka’s Office at 617-722-1500 and ask her to support H.4825:

Sample talking points can be found HERE.

(2) Email MA Senate President Karen Spilka’s Office

Sample email can be found HERE.

(3) Contact your State Senator and ask them to speak with the Senate President on your behalf

(4) Ask your family or friends in MA to call their Senator!

Contact info for your State Senator 

You may read the full text of H.4825 here.


We will be holding a phone call to update the community on this issue and answer any of your questions on Wednesday, December 12th from 6:30-7:30pm. We will use the NEHA Conference Line at

1-515-604-9000 Passcode: 443536