Maine's LD 1407 in limbo

The Maine Legislature recently returned to work for a Special Session, to vote on numerous bills still in limbo, including LD1407, which would provide patient protections under step therapy rules. The Maine Coalition for Step Therapy Reform, a coalition of 25 advocacy organizations representing thousands of patients and providers throughout Maine, continues to support LD 1407. At this point, LD1407 would need either the Governor's signature or an overriding vote to clear his veto, to turn into law. 

As we know, step therapy can be an appropriate way to control costs, but for some patients this process can produce an adverse health outcome. For people living with life-threatening and debilitating, chronic conditions, delaying access to the right treatment can result in progression of their disease, loss of function and mobility, and other devastating consequences and can lead to increased overall costs. This legislation balances protecting patients while still allowing the use of step therapy.