A Message from Maryann May

On August 1st I met with Senator Jay Kahn. Senator Kahn is New Hampshire’s district 10 incumbent.

Much of our discussion covered the possibility of Accumulator Adjuster, Step Therapy and Non-Medical Switching legislation coming to our state. During our meeting I was able to give him some information on these issues as well as where to go to contact both of our national organizations and NEBDAC.

The Senator is a champion of healthcare in our state and these are issues he was pleased to be informed about. We exchanged contact information to be on the front lines if either of us hears of any detrimental legislation that would affect people with bleeding disorders and other chronic illnesses.

How did this meeting come about, you may ask? As midterm elections loom most of the local candidates want to hear from us. I had attended a candidate forum near where I live. As I was leaving I simply handed him a NEBDAC business card I made that morning with my contact information on it. The next day I received and email from one of his aids. It’s that simple.

Living in the internet age it’s easy to find out who our legislators are, usually a phone call will start the process. There are candidate forums and rallies happening as we get closer to the elections. Find your champion, whether incumbent or newly on the scene. Go to a rally, be seen, be heard. Once we have made an acquaintance with our local legislators we are one step closer to hearing first if legislation that will affect us, good or bad, is in our state.

Become an ambassador. Make the connection. It’s simple. It’s good for all of us.

Maryann May

New Hampshire NEBDAC Ambassador