Will Massachusetts Extend their Pharmacy Discount Coupon Program? 

The Massachusetts House and Senate recently supported a 2-year extension to the pharmacy discount coupon program, but unless the Senate adopts a Governor’s amendment in an informal session, the coupon program is due to end in July of 2019. 

In 2012, Massachusetts became the last state in the country to enact legislation that gives patients the ability to utilize company sponsored prescription drug discounts at pharmacies for the co-pay and coinsurance costs of their prescription drugs. Prior to enacting this measure, prescription drug discount programs were worthless in Massachusetts because of an antiquated 1988 statute that banned any rebate for healthcare purchasing. Without legislative action in the current session to remove the sunset provision, thousands of patients will face the potential elimination of the prescription drug discount programs, leading to uncertainty in the marketplace and increased out-of-pocket costs. 

Stay tuned, as we may need the community to reach out to Senators to support the extension of the provision through 2021. A letter has already been sent to Committee members, which can be seen below.